brand & website design, Smart E-Learning

Smart e-Learning offers custom design of training courses for variety of businesses to improve employees’ performance.



Reflecting a versatility of the courses the vertical set of check squares represents a step-by-step training process of the courses, “choose appropriate action” of the decision making, as well as level of training achieved.


Smart e-Lerning business card


Textured paper was selected for the business card to make it memorable by the touch. The smoother leaf shape reflects the organic approach to the course design.

Brand & website design. Smart eLearning.


Smart eLearning website design, landing page



Landing page. Design objectives.

To demonstrate the flexibility of the courses and the possibility to built one taht satisfys all and each requirement.

Reflecting that flexibility the landing page was designed to showcase six key points of training course: Purpose, Level of Thinking, Interaction Level, Risk, defined by consequences of wrong decision, Technologies used, and Face-to-face activities, determined by the Level of Thinking and the Interaction Level.

Background images visually represent each key point.

Purpose: Circles with the opening guide towards the center.

Level of Thinking: Free form shapes of creative thinking are merging with an organized sequence of geometric gear like forms.

Interaction Level: The number of lines and the intensity of their overlay go from low to high.

Risk: Arrows, branching off of a main stem, are a reflection of a decision making algorithm.

Technologies: A combination of linear and circular shapes of different width represents a versatility of technologies.

Face-to-face Interaction: Facing arrows meet in a center of a target.

Rotating content in each block demonstrates options of each key. These options allow to create flexible training system adapted to the goal and the environment of the training. A “mouse over” interaction brings focus to the particular key block.


Background images of each key block are used in respective page templates for sub-pages of the site to unite them visually.