Online Journal design, Northern Light

The Northern Light is the nation’s first and only completely student-run undergraduate research journal
at the community college level.


Logo design for online journal

In the name of the journal “Northern Light,” the word “light” carries the main weight. Journal is a college research works publication. Education is a guiding light in lives of its students. The symbol of a lighthouse represents that guidance. At the same time, the light on top of it also is the Northern Star,  a symbol of the northern hemisphere and a reflection of the name of the college – North Hennepin Community College.

Website design

Northern Lights Journal, landing page design

Since the goal of the website is to serve as an online publication of scientific researches it was decided for the landing page to be a table of content, providing an easy access to each published paper.

The neutral palette of white and grey as a background was chosen to keep the focus on the content of each research, including related illustrations in case they accompany the text. The blue color, used in the logo, and its complementary orange are aiding website navigation while creating highlights.


To emphasize a long tradition of students’ research within college walls 4 illustrations were created in style of early days of printing. These illustrations serve as a connection between today and the past, referring to book illustrations and art pieces of the Renaissance.

Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 3
Illustration 4

Images are used as a background for section content pages as well as for each research paper page.