Fundraising Campaign Collateral, AEON

“Aeon is a responsive nonprofit developer, owner and manager of high-quality affordable apartments and townhomes. Aeon’s mission is to create and sustain quality affordable homes that strengthen lives and communities.”


AEON Fundrasing campaign logo design

When describing the response of AEON residents to living in their homes, client spoke of the importance of the feeling of being able to close the door behind them when entering a home. The reference to the closed door was unanimous and for that reason was chosen as a central element of the 2013 fundraising campaign logo. The other elements represent the comfort of the family staying close together and the possibility to create your own unique space. “Multiple blocks within the logo” approach was chosen to give the client a possibility to use separate elements in the variety of marketing collateral depending on the subject of a particular piece of the campaign.

Direct mail package

AEON direct mail collateral design, letter.

AEON direct mail collateral design, donation card.

Digital media package

AEON’s focus is on real people and their lives. That is a requirement and a main subject of their marketing collateral. Residents of affordable home program work with photographers for AEON’s collection of photos.

AEON campaign landing page design

Campaign’s splash page

Photos are congregated in the center of the page to give them main weight and to create an instant connection between the viewer and the people, whose lives changed for the better through AEON thanks to received donations. Photos overlay each other to represent the connected and supportive community – the essence of AEON work.

Email templates

Email campaign was a part of the fundraising and a set of email templates was created for that purpose.